list of DIY projects to tackle during FUNemployment

by Kristin Bushong on January 28, 2012

For your enjoyment and my accountability, I present to you my probably-overly-ambitious-list of DIY projects to tackle during the month of my FUNemployment before we move to our nation’s capital:

  1. Re-do my coffee table and turn it into a large ottoman. Something like this.
  2. Build & stain rails for a vintage hand-me-down headboard/footboard set that my dad gave me years ago. (And has since been sitting in a storage closet, unused.)
  3. Find an old window frame and turn it into art. I’m thinking of trying my hand at painting a beach scene on the back? Or at least just the ocean…not sure.
  4. Buy a new piece of glass for a picture that I bought at Goodwill a few years back and broke in my last move. It’s part of a set of prints that I think are scenes from the Greek Isles. Which I have visited, so I love them.
  5. Blow up some of my old travel pictures of the Eiffel Tower, London, Greece and Bali and frame them.
  6. Finish the yellow yarn wreath I started and make a new one for our new apt door in DC.
  7. DIY some sort of wall art with a Charleston map to pay homage to our former home.

That’s a long list but I hope I can tackle at least a few of these. And since I will have a whole month to drive down to Charlotte to visit this lady who is also DIY obsessed, I think together we might be able to tackle a few of these things!

Also to do before the move: Scour Homegoods for sweet buys for my new abode! Also – buy some walking shoes. And flats. And jeans that fit/are short enough for flats. And maybe some more sweaters. And boots. Lawdy, I better get busy…

P.S. I just registered for THIS. Half marathon training here I come!

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Kristen January 31, 2012 at 3:39 pm

Love you and my awesome shout-out! Can’t wait to help you tackle ALL of these projects over your Fun break. And you best not step foot inside a Home Goods without me. Seriously, there will be consequences. Oh, and I started half marathon training this week! :)


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